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SMSF Investment advice
Portfolio Management
Plan your retirement
Personal Financial advice

Want your money to work for you? Whether you've never done it before or are a seasoned investor, we can tailor our advice to help you realize your financial goals.

CHPW Financial is our financial dealer group which operates on a basis of allowing all of it's representative advisers (us) to make tailored decisions and maintain quality personalised advice just for you. 

SMSF Investment advice

SMSF's have proven to be an amazing tool for both retirement and tax planning, but it's important to also make investment decisions that will maximise the benefits. If you aren't quite sure where to invest, or need more specialized advice - come see us and we will help your SMSF take off.

Personal Financial advice

We often wonder how to get started when it comes to making investments and having our money grow at rates far greater than hiding it under our bed or building that 0.01% interest from our everyday bank account. Often the associated risk turns us off, and the perceived cost of having an expert help further holds us back. Luckily, Beattie Financial Services offers quality - affordable financial advice that will kickstart your growth, so book an appointment today and find out how.

Portfolio Management

Shares, managed funds, term deposits and more - no matter what your portfolio consists of we can help you look after it. Our service includes; producing regular reports, expert advice and aiding you with managing your investments.

Beattie Financial Services thrives on providing competitive pricing and a personalized service, so if you need someone to manage or are looking for a change - get in touch.

Plan your retirement

Naturally, we find retirement to be one of the most exciting topics, and it shouldn't be limited by any government standards. If you're thinking about retirement, even years down the track - it may be worth getting in touch and discussing it with us.

It's not always easy making the change; pension, super, transitioning to full blown retirement? Come have a chat and we can help you make sense of it all.


Australia and much of the world is experiencing extensive redundancy and lay-offs, so you're not alone in feeling the pressure or in losing your job.

Did you know that there are things you can do to the make bad news much less painful?

At Beattie Financial Services, we can help you make sense of it, get you back on track and get the most out of your entitlements.

So come in for a coffee, let's chat about it.

The dealer group for tailored advice

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We use the most efficient systems available, which saves you money.

Beattie Financial Services is a small, local business, so we know how valuable you are.

A small and effective team allows us to keep our costs down, while maintaining high standards.

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