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Property Investment
Specialist advice & Tax Planning

Business, individual, family, company, trust - whatever you are -

we have the know how to put you on the right track and keep you there.

Cloud accounting

We value your time as well as ours, so it makes sense that we use the best accounting packages available. Xero has revolutionized the modern era of cloud accounting, with well thought out design, automation, security and consistency. We recommend our clients move from their clunky old accounting software to Xero, although if you are happy with what you have - we can cater to your needs as well. 


Established, looking to expand or just getting started - we offer a complete service for businesses. Everything from bookkeeping, activity statements and tax returns, to more involved accounting including payroll, regular financial reports and personal assistance.


Just got that notice from the ATO about lodging your tax? We can help; once off individual tax returns are something we enjoy doing , but what we really value is building a relationship with our clients so that they come back each year and know they are getting the best value and service available. With an extensive background in tax and what you can claim, we will safely maximise your return each and every time.

Property Investment

Whether for building a healthy rental income or negative gearing to help alleviate your tax, property investment is an ever growing way of life.

Talking with us could help you make the best decisions when it comes to property investment; buying, selling or managing a portfolio, it's probably a smart move to see us before making any major decisions and could save you big money.

Specialist advice & Tax planning

If you're thinking of making a big decision, such as starting a business, buying or selling a business, starting or winding-up an SMSF (see our SMSF pages for more), selling your house, buying a house or just about anything else. We recommend booking an appointment and having a chat - it could mean the difference between success or failure.

Why Choose us

Why Choose Us?




We use the most efficient systems available, which saves you money.

Beattie Financial Services is a small, local business, so we know how valuable you are.

A small and effective team allows us to keep our costs down, while maintaining high standards.


165 Queen Street, Bendigo Victoria 3550

P: (03) 5444 5653

F: (03) 5444 5053

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